Arizona Cardinals: Can They Develop Chemistry?


May 14, 2013; Tempe, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (3) and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (11) looks on during organized team activities at the Cardinals Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Even the most talented team on paper can falter without chemistry. Just ask the 2011/2012 Eagles. The flip side to this fact is the least likely team can shock the league because they have chemistry. I think this applies to the 2009 Cardinals Super Bowl run.

Teams don’t get always get a top 5 draft pick because their a squad of no-talent players. If you’re in the NFL , you can play- period. The major issues come when there is no chemistry and when your team isn’t built for the scheme you want to run.

Will the Cardinals have the same chemistry that crated magic back in 2009? I don’t know and nobody will until the season starts. Chemistry is built in battle. What we have to analyze thus far is promising though.

Coach Bruce Arians developed a strong bond with his past quarterbacks which is a huge element in the chemistry table of football. Both Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck praised coach Arians and have been documented understanding the business but not being happy about the departure. Arians is a quarterbacks coach and his relationship with Carson Palmer is strong enough that he can rely on Palmer to execute his scheme with no concern. The rest will come off the field playing golf and during battle this season.

Arians is a players coach. Reviewing the various videos on the Cardinals website and other sources he is well respected and doesn’t walk the fine line of friend/coach but strides on it. He calls it as he sees it and that goes a long way in the locker room.

Each section of the team creates its own chemistry and hold themselves accountable for their production on the field. I’ve noticed the wide receivers corps is a “tight” group. All off-season you could have kept tabs on Larry Fitzgerald and his escapades and golf tour with Andre Roberts this off season thru social media. My only concern is not seeing any of Michael Floyd in these events or work-out videos. This may be nothing and he’s the guy taking all the pictures.

The defensive chemistry will likely come from play during the first few weeks of the season. Many new pieces have to find their place in this ball-hawking and aggressive defense. After a few explosive plays they will come into their own. Coach Todd Bowles isn’t known for his compatibility with players but more for his knowledge. It’s up to the players to develop a winning chemistry.

The defensive line is still intact from years prior and will only have to account for the new elements added this year for depth. The line-backing corps has a good “binder” in Washington and Dansby. As of today; there is plenty of evidence to show the Cardinals have a successful mixture. Add the element of training camp and its various ventures and battles, going into the season with low expectations and a successfully documented chemist in Arians- the Cardinals may have created a contender for the next few years.