John Abraham: Is He a Good Schematic Fit?


Let’s face it, the Cardnials needs a decent pass rusher.  Or at least someone who is respected across the defensive line.  As of right now the Cardinals are claiming to stick to a 3-4 front but as camp progresses that seems to be less likely the case.  Although the defense has been “built” to play a 4-3 it carries players used to playing in a 3-4.

With the addition of John Abraham further more shows that the Cardinals may be looking to run a bunch of sets using four down lineman.  In Atlanta, Abraham had some experience rushing the passer from a standing position but does his best work with his hand in the ground.

Schematically Abraham fits because of the “hybrid” personnel that the Cardinals have had since their Super Bowl run.  He definitely would get his fair share of snaps.

With the way teams air the ball out these days he may get a chance to eclipse his 10 sacks from 2012.  Abraham, Dockett and Campbell could for a pass rushing line that is tough to block.  Darnell Dockett did his best work from the inside.  So to see Abraham and Campbell on the ends and Dockett and Dan Williams in the middle is not too far fetched, especially in third and long situations.

The Cardinals got a great locker room guy in Abraham, perhaps he can ease the veteran load of losing guys like Adrian Wilson and Mike Adams.  He is respected league wide and his play on the field speaks for itself. He is 35 years old but according to Abraham he does not feel that way.  Cards fans have every reason to be optimistic about this defense, and lets just hope Arians and Bowles keep up the momentum.