Ranking the Best Current Players for the Arizona Cardinals


Who is the best Cardinals player in 2013?

Who are the top 10 current Arizona Cardinals players? To be fair I am excluding rookies from this list. I know that these guys are going to be great and are doing big things in the preseason, but I still think that the jury is out until the lights come on and the real season starts. Jonathan Cooper, Tyrann Mathieu, Kevin Minter, Andre Ellington, and Alex Okafor better luck next year. Everyone else, included recently signed free agents, are fair game.

Top Ten
1. Larry Fitzgerald WR
I don’t feel like I should have to explain why Larry is at the top of this list, so I’ll just say this. When you hold a large portion of an organization’s records (Points, Touchdowns, 100 yard games), you get to be at the top of the list.
2. Patrick Peterson CB
In a past article, I had the privilege of ranking this monster among the leagues top corners only to discover that he is not far from the top. Heck, this year I think he will be the top Cornerback in the NFL.
3. Daryl Washington ILB
There has been a lot of negative attention surrounding Washington this year and it is unfortunate. Hopefully some allegations stay allegations and Washington can get back in the business of leading the team in tackles. Daryl still has enormous upside in my book if he can keep it together off the field.
4. Darnell Dockett DT
The NFL’s ruling on custom facemasks this year will only motivate Darnell to destroy any o-line in his path. All jokes aside, Darnell has been the best pass rusher for Arizona and will have a huge year going back to his prefered position.
5. Calais Campbell DE
I don’t want to keep using similar words here, but Calais Campbell is an absolute beast. His size and speed on the defensive line has been crucial for game saving field blocks, pass deflections, and QB crushing sacks.
6. Carson Palmer QB
The most crucial position in football seems to have finally been filled for the Arizona Cardinals. The whole team is pumped to have a guy in the pocket that can sling it. Carson is going to have a big year throwing to a receiving core that has been waiting to get a pass within catching distance.
7. Karlos Dansby LB
The dirty bird is back! Coming off a huge year in Miami nonetheless, Dansby is ready to suit up in Cardinal red and bring the noise. 134 tackles last year, no one is getting past this ferocious linebacker.
8. Michael Floyd WR
One player who has been impressing recently is Wide Receiver Michael Floyd. With a new Quarterback at the helm it’s no surprise. Defenses won’t be able to cover both Floyd and Fitzgerald, someone will get open and they will make the defense regret it.
9. Lyle Sendlein C
Most people may be surprised why I have an offensive lineman on this list, let me explain. Lyle may be undersized, be he is one of the toughest Centers in the NFL. He stays healthy and this year will be the glue that holds the new and improved offensive line together.
10. Rashard Mendenhall RB
I am still unsure about this choice at #10. Only time will tell on how reliable Rashard can be coming off of a knee injury. I am going to stay on the optimistic side and say that Rashard is going to have a big year and bring the Cardinals run game back from the depths.

Honorable mentions:
Dave Zastudil P
Dave is a kicking machine who helped the Cardinals out of a lot of bad field position last year. Also gave the defense a lot of room to work with to do their magic.
John Abraham
People are saying that John Abraham doesn’t have anything left in the tank, I disagree. Abraham is going to bring the pain this year, only a matter of time.
Andre Roberts WR
Andre didn’t make this list because I simply see Floyd and Fitzgerald having better numbers than he will this year. Still a great player, but there is always an odd man out in the third wheel game.
Dan Williams DT
Dan has a big year ahead of him. With a stacked defensive line on his side, he should have more rest than last year which will give him opportunities for some big plays.