Arizona Cardinals: What to Watch for vs. the San Diego Chargers tonight


Aug 8, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt prior to the game against the Seattle Seahawks at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

First: The Wiz

we need not look any further than our beloved former head coach Kenny Whisenhunt. Whisenhunt is the new offensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers. It will truly fill awkward seeing the Wiz on the opposite side of the field.

It will be interesting to see if he can help get Phillip Rivers career back on track again. We saw how he helped turn around Kurt Warner’s career. Was it a coincident or by happenstance? If Phillip Rivers gets his career turned around this year, perhaps this would give us some answers to this question.

Yes, the last few years with the Wiz were not actually worth remembering. However, we must not forget, he took us all on a Super Bowl run for the ages. The Wiz will forever be in our hearts.

Two: Carson Palmer

How will the New Cardinal quarterback fare today? As we all know, the third game of the preseason is as close to a real season game as we are going to get. Just ask former head coach Denny Green. How can we ever forget Green’s famous rant after that heart breaking loss to the Chicago Bears? If you have forgotten, please find it on YouTube, as it will refresh your memory.

Today should start giving us an idea of how Carson Palmer will be utilized in new head coach Bruce Arians offense. Will he struggle early on until he gains chemistry with his teammates? Or will he hit the ground running? We will start finding out tonight.

Third: the offensive line

as we all know, for Carson Palmer to be successful, he needs to be protected up front. Will the offensive line continue their success of pass protection? In the first two games they have fared well. Will it continue?

Furthermore, can the offensive line start providing some running lanes? So far this preseason they have been inconsistent.

Fourth: Patrick Peterson

we all know what Peterson has now become on defense; as he is becoming one of the best corners in the national football league.

However, coach Arians has been utilizing his talents on offense; recently stating that Peterson can become a top five receiver in the NFL.  As far as I am concerned, that is a huge statement for a guy that has extremely limited real season game action.

In the last couple day’s word has gotten out that Peterson’s offensive play book has continued to increase, as it now up to 60 plays. Will we start getting to see his offensive role today? How many plays will he get on offense today?

Five: Todd Bowles and the defense

how will new defensive coordinator Todd Bowles defense look? Will they have the success that former D coordinator Ray Horton had the last couple of years? Will they primarily run the 3-4 schemes or will they merge into the 4-3?

So far this preseason they have a mix of both schemes schematically.  However, stated previously, the first two games teams usually play pretty conservative and do not show much, although we will start finding out today in the third preseason game.

Will they be as aggressive and dynamic as they were under Horton? We have been told that they will be even more aggressive. Will they be as stingy? We will soon see.