Arizona Cardinals: Will They Improve?


Aug 24, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd (15) celebrates with teammates after scoring in the second half of a preseason game against the San Diego Chargers at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Well football fans, it’s here, the start of the 2013 NFL season. As excited as I am that the new season is finally underway, I can’t wait to see how the ’13 Cardinals will start the year.

After the Chargers game, my hopes that the Cardinals could sneek into a wild card spot came to a screeching holt. I’ve been hoping, wishing, praying,went out and found a four-leaf clover, all while clutching my bible that they can come together as a team.

With playing at St. Louis against the Rams in week 1, the entire team needs to be ready right from the get go and set the tempo for the year. The Rams are a team that shouldn’t be over looked and could very well be the Cardinals only win this month.

If they don’t focus and play as a team, I can see them going 3-13 on the year. I’m hoping that the Chargers game was just a one time thing, but being a professional football team, that game was very unsettling.

Seeing what Bruce Arians did with the Colts last year and Todd Bowles having Bill Parcells’ backing him as a coach, I believe they can get this team ready to play and play good. On the other hand, this team is more then half new and they came out playing just like the Cardinals of old.

I kept expecting to see Joe Bugel walking up and down that sideline.

I think that if the Cardinals come out focused, the offense can do just enough to make plays, while the defense should be all up in everyone’s grill. I know it takes time for a team to come together, but that doesn’t mean they can’t contend with the leagues best and earn some respect.

With the talent that is on this roster, I believe they can do some good things. Even if they lose most of their games, they should be on the edge of your seat, nail bitter games.

So my question for the Cardinals today is, are you going to become the West Coast Steelers or are you going to become the Phoenix Cardinals?