Arizona Cardinals: Can They Beat the Saints?


Sep 15, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers free safety Dashon Goldson (38) defends New Orleans Saints wide receiver Kenny Stills (84) during the second half of the game at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

This week the Cardinals travel to New Orleans to take on Drew Brees and the Saints. Last week the Saints played a Tampa Bay team that isn`t playing as they did last year and just barely won.

Since the Saints came very close to losing to the Buccs last week, I can see the Cardinals going into the Super Dome and winning with ease, as long as the Cards are ready to play. I figured Sean Payton would have this offense playing better then they are and it`s clear Rob Ryan is still getting this defense together.

It`s amazing to me that the Saints played liked they did last week, being that this team`s core is still together from past seasons. I never would have guessed that they would need time to relearn Payton`s scheme but I will take it.

Last week the Cardinals played hard against the Lions and won. They played better than they did against the Rams, even though they could have won that game as well.

Just 2 months ago if you would have asked me if I thought the Cardinals could beat the Saints, I would have said, that`s not a game that`s going to be close. I`ve had the feeling that the Cards were going to be a good team this season, but I never would’ve guessed that the Saints would be rebuilding per say.

On the other hand, Sean Payton is the reason the Saints have been so good and they could start playing better come Sunday. Even if they do start playing better this week, I believe the Cardinals match them in talent and are going to win just off of being more together as a team.

The Cardinals definitely could have played better against the Lions, but as a new team, you really can`t ask for a better performance, I was impressed with the effort they came with against the Rams and last week`s was even better.

So with week three coming up, I believe they will give another better performance, if they come out ready to play. I would`nt be shocked at all, if the Cardinals handle the Saints on Sunday like they are this years Pittsburg Steelers.

Now, even though the Cardinals left some plays on the field last week, I really have no complaints on how they played against the Lions. My only question this week is, are you guys going to keep improving and come out with the same intensity?