Detailed Breakdown Of The First Quarter


Sep 29, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Mike Glennon (8) delivers a pass during the first half of the game against the Arizona Cardinals at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

The first quarter of Sunday’s game picked up where last weeks game left off, with quarterback Carson Palmer being rushed and sacked, the first play of the game defensive tackle Gerald McCoy was untouched coming through the line of scrimmage and did not allow Palmer to set his feet.

Looking at the play on tape I saw that guard Paul Fanaika missed his assignment and he took a slide to the left and doubled on the man that center Lyle Sendlein was blocking, therefore leaving a gaping hole right up the middle.

After that play both linemen were questioning each other as to what happened while walking back to the huddle, clearly it was Fanaika missing his assignment.

That set the tone quickly for the rest of the team to follow suit in mishaps and mental errors, the next play was a dropped swing pass to running back Rashard Mendenhall which if he had caught, would have been for negative yardage.

The first drive was a three and out and that was the story of the entire first half, while the Buccs got rookie quarterback Mike Glennon comfortable early with several check downs and short passes. Glennon was sacked early by safety Yeramiah Bell, but that did not seem to shake his confidence early.

The second drive quickly ended with a Mendenhall fumble, after fighting for extra yards he ran into Larry Fitzgerald’s back and dropped the ball, and that set up the momentum for the Buccs to get the lead. Glennon put together a short drive of 6 plays for 40 yards that ended with an 8 yard touchdown pass to wide out Mike Williams.

The key to the first quarter was rookie Mike Glennon getting confidence and it looked as if the Cards were in for a long day.

The Cardinals had there worse first quarter this season that recorded 3 punts on 3 three and outs on offense, only 1 first down, and 1 false start penalty by right tackle Eric Winston, and the offense gained a grand total of 41 yards for the entire first quarter.

Against the Buccs with a rookie quarterback you may be able to get away with a start like this, but a more quality team this would have been a long day of coming from behind for the red birds.