Arizona Cardinals: Levi Brown Traded to the Steelers


Aug 24, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; United States flags at Dodger Stadium during the MLB game between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well Cardinal fans, Levi Brown is now Big Ben`s problem. Reports have it that the 0-4 Steelers who are in serious need of help on their offense line have rolled the dice and are taking a chance on Levi Brown. Reports have it that the Cardinals will receive a late round pick of Brown and I know that most Cardinals fans will be happy with this trade.

I`m not sure if this trade is going to make the Cardinals offensive line any better than they have been, but I am sure they won`t be any worse off letting Brown go. I am not a fan of Brown but I did want to see how he was going to do coming back after being out of the game last year. If he played this year like he has been since coming into the league, then I would have called for his head, but I also am not upset with this trade, it just might be for the best.

Taking Brown`s place on the roster is Bradley Sowell. Sowell is a second year player who came over from the Colts where he played for Bruce Arians last season, he is listed as 6`7 315 pounds and has played in a total of 14 games. He play in ten games for the Colts last season and has played in all four games this year. I like Sowell`s size, but can he hold up against smaller, quicker defensive ends and outside linebackers who can get under him and put him on his back. We will find out in due time.

So there you have it Card fans who are Brown haters, your wish has come true, I just hope it does`nt come back to bite them in the you know what, but like I said, I don`t believe Sowell will do any worse than Brown has done. I hope.