Arizona Cardinals: Here Come the Panthers


Sep 8, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers quarterback CaM Newton (1) hands off to running back DeAngelo Williams (34) during the game against the Seattle Seahawks at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

This week the Cardinals come back home after being on the road for two weeks to take on the 1-2 Carolina Panthers. This season, while the Panthers were at home, they have played well just as the Cardinals do. In week 1, they took on the Seahawks, they lost but the score was 12-7. That tells me that the Panthers are not a weak team even with them scoring only seven points.

In week 2, they went into Buffalo and lost the game by one point there at the end. This is a strong team but if your going to lose to the Bills, then I believe there is some problems when they are playing on the road, just like the Cardinals. They showed they can score points on the road, but the defense could`nt make enough stops.

During week 3, they played the Giants and straight man handled them. They shut the Giants out while scoring 38 points and sacking Eli Manning seven times. I know the Giants team is`nt playing well by no mean, but the Buccs would`nt of put up 38 on the Giants nor make seven sacks. The Panthers had last week off which gave them two weeks to get ready for the Cardinals, but they traded Jon Beason and I`m just not quite sure what to think.

The Cardinals played well their first two games and played very well at home against the Lions. The last two games, they were on the road and played nowhere near like they had their first two. With those last two, most would think, they have no chance against the Panthers, but with them always play great at home makes me believe they just might to able to pull it off.

I not quite to sure what to think about this weeks game, but I do believe the Lions are a better team then the Panthers. So if the Cardinals can play as they did against the Lions, the offense should make the plays as needed and the defense should do just enough to get off the field.

I hate going against the Cardinals, so this week I am going to go with them for the win, just because they are at home, but with that being said, the way they have played the last two weeks, I won`t be shocked if they get their butts kicked. So this weeks question to the Cardinals is, are you guys going to come out like you did against the Lions, and if so, when are you going to continue to play that way?