Carson Palmer Looking Shaky For The Cardinals


Oct 6, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (3) is sacked by Carolina Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson (95) during the second quarter at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Ok Cardinal fans, I have to go ahead and answer my question from the last post, Yes! It is time to go ahead and kick the tires on back up quarterback Drew Stanton in this game.

Carson Palmer has thrown three picks and he has done so without a lot of pressure.

For a good part of the season the question was, What is wrong with the receivers and Palmer? they had been getting their plays mixed up and timing seemed to be an issue all year, many, including myself, said it was because they have not gelled yet as an offense.

But it looks like the receivers and the offensive line has done their collective parts today and for the second time this season it has been Carson Palmer the issue, there is no excuse left, the O-line has held its ground, the running game has really looked good and the defense has been dominant.

Palmer has to do his job or it is time to see if the back up can get the job done, with this defense all the offense needs is 2 to 3 good drives for touchdowns and they will win games this year.

Bruce Arians does not seem to be shaken at all with Palmer’s performance, when he comes off the field there is no yelling or angry looks, Palmer just sits down with Coach Tom Moore and look threw the play books and the film of the game.

Going forward it only a matter of time before it is determined that Palmer’s football career as a starting quarterback may be just about over, unless something can click in his head and he performs a whole lot better than this, because 14-23 for 143 yards and 3 picks on the Panthers side of the ball just will not get it done.