A Bomb Shell Senario For Cardinal Fans To Think About


Oct 6, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals tight end Jim Dray (81) is congratulated by wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (11) after scoring a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Carolina Panthers at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

What! But wait that might not be a bad idea for a team that is rebuilding, you may ask what is he talking about? Well, I’m listening to one of the local radio stations and I hear a caller drop a big bomb shell comment to the host of the show.

This idea will make the Cardinal faithful very sick to hear, when I heard it my first reaction was to call this show and let these guys have it, how dare you entertain a ridiculous statement like that. But wait, after thinking about it I said to myself “that might not be a bad idea” what was the egregious comment?

The caller said that the Cardinals should trade Larry Fitzgerald to the Atlanta Falcons for draft picks and maybe another wide out like Harry Douglas, sense they are desperate after losing star receiver Julio Jones for the season.

Before you blast this guy think about it, this Cardinal team does not look to be close to a playoff birth and even longer away from a championship, and Larry has been the most patient wide receiver since losing the last Super Bowl he played in 2008.

This move would set the Cardinals up having supreme cap room for next season, as well as money to bring in necessary high profile free agents. Also they will be able to set themselves up to get that dynamic quarterback in next years packed draft of quarterbacks.

Cardinals will probably finish under 500 and land in the draft about 7th  or 8th  pick, and can have the assets to move down in the draft to get that high profile quarterback they desperately need.

This will also force Michael Floyd into the number one spot and as a high draft pick himself he has time to develop and will be an asset to the new star quarterback they pick up in the draft, the team would bring in a cheap veteran to sure up the receiving core.

Lastly, Larry Fitzgerald will be in a better position to get what we as faithful fans want to see him get, as he deserves it so much, and that being on a team with an elite quarterback and aspirations high for a chance to actually make it back to a Super Bowl.

This is not likely to take place, but the new management team here has made other moves that would make us say, that they are looking out for the future of the franchise.

What other contract and value do they have other than Larry, and with the struggles at quarterback continuing, Fitzgerald should perhaps ask for this trade to salvage his legacy and get back to the high level of play we know he can play.

I want to see Larry have more success in this league and I think he deserves that opportunity, and his career will be getting shorter as the years go on, we already see how he is starting to get freak injuries that are coming with age, although he is not washed up but the Cards could take advantage of his value now before its too late and he puts up a few more of the season’s we saw last year and so far this year.

Cards fans what do you think? Before you bash this personal opinion of a fellow Cardinals fan, you would be surprised at how many fans feel the exact same way.