The Reality For All Cardinals Fans


Oct 13, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; Arizona Cardinals helmet on the sidelines during a game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals at Candlestick Park. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

I wrote a piece this week and said “I think the timing from quarterback to receiver should be down by now”, and that may be true, but that was my perception of the matter in my time table, but the reality is that there are other pieces that need to be corrected before that can come together, and the timing of that coming together is unknown, the only thing that can be said is that, “the more reps, the better they will get”, which is what we keep hearing from every press conference or player interview.

We almost have to look at the first half of this season’s games as practice for reps, kind of like learning on the job, because that’s what it is for players learning a new system and learning how to play together.

In basketball it may be possible for a team to gel together faster because they are only dealing with 5 to 8 people having to learn to create chemistry, but the game of football is going to take a longer process, and some teams are faster than others all depending on the system and the many players trying to learn that system.

In other words fans, we need to remain patient, there are not too many teams in sports history that win right away being a brand new team being led by a brand new front office with all new players at almost every position, I’m sorry, that’s fantasy thinking. We have to continue to take our lumps as fans and give this team its space to grow, because as soon as they do show drastic improvement, all of us will be riding that band wagon again looking like hypocrites.

Look at it like this, when one is building a puzzle they take pieces and try to fit them in spaces, sometimes it takes up to three to four different shaped pieces to try and fit in a spot, the bigger the puzzle the longer it takes, but eventually you find that piece and it fits. This Cardinal team is exactly the same way, pieces to a puzzle being put together by Michael Bidwell, Steve Keim and Coach Arians, and some pieces will fit and others will not, but the team has to take those pieces and turn them every way possible before its determined if that piece belongs in that particular spot.

As the building continues you do that for almost every piece, until finally they start to get a little easier to fit one piece at a time, and the puzzle starts to come together, then you can pretty much see what it will be as a whole, then those final pieces that are so obvious, will just fall into place and you have a completed puzzle.

Fans, the Cards still have the puzzle pieces scrambled out on the table and a million little pieces that don’t look like they even go to the puzzle are all being sifted through, eventually over time and continuing to try the pieces it will be a full complete puzzle.

That’s not to say that while putting this puzzle together frustration does not settle in at times, and anger and that feeling of wanting to say “forget it” and that is where we as fans are now, and that is just part of the process, but reality says nothing gets completed without hard work and it just does not happen over night.

Before we slam our team lets take a look at the reality rather than our perceptions and we will see that things just take time to come together, so let’s try to support our team as they work thru the puzzle and over time we will see if this puzzle was even worth putting together.