Arizona Cardinals the Worst Team in the NFC West?


NFC West
“Are the Arizona Cardinals the Worst Team in the NFC West?”

Before continuing I must say that the Cardinals fan inside me would slap me given the chance for even thinking this question. But as it stands, yes the Cardinals are at the bottom of the NFC West. Losing to every team in your division is certainly what put them there as well. I’m not saying that playing the Rams, 49ers, and Seahawks are an easy feat by any stretch of the imagination, but I still strongly believe that the Cardinals can beat those teams on at least one occasion. They simply have not played to their potential. The offense would get clicking, then the defense had a lapse at the worst time. Or The defense kept them in the game, then the offense gives the ball right back. They have what it takes to win some games here, but they have to do it together!

Another note, going to the games I don’t see some of the players who are out on IR on the sidelines. Maybe I am reading to much into it, but you want a team that the players believe in and want to be there to support their fellow teammates on the field. That right there shows that there may be some players not buying into the new system which is disheartening.

However, being at the bottom of this “Wild, Wild NFC West” barrel, is that there is only one way to go. UP. The Cardinals have a chance to win their next three games (Falcons, Texans, & Jaguars). These three teams have been hobbled by injuries and mediocrity, if the Cardinals play to their full potential they may be coming home to face Bruce’s old team at 6-4. This is a pivotal stretch for the Red Sea that can either give the team life, or nail the door shut.