Value Window Still Open For Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald


Oct 13, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (11) during the game between the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals at Candlestick Park. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

OK Cardinal fans, I am going to make an attempt to put this subject to rest, the subject of the Cardinals trading Larry Fitzgerald. This story has picked up steam over the last two weeks and has now made it from a fan suggestion on a radio show to a national story around the sports world. The story would not have gotten so much run if it were not for a Radio show that is blowing up around the Valley called “The Freaks” with Kenny and Crash, which airs daily from 12-2pm on Fox Sports Radio 910.

The show allows fans to come on and just talk sports, I don’t remember the name of the fan who called but I do remember when he called, the topic was not solely on Fitzgerald, but the freedom the “The Freaks” give to their audience allowed this fan to speak what was on his mind, and that’s where all this came from. I must say, you don’t see to many radio shows give unscripted freedom to its audience, great show, my bad for not making mention of that in a previous post.

But the Cardinals have to make this move, and there is a good chance they may have to do it this year and here is why; it’s because the name Fitzgerald still has value, and the window of that value could be starting to close slowly with every game he goes for 2 catches for 17 yards. The more the offense struggles the more his value window closes, the time table to this window is also determined by wins and losses.

The Cardinals have three games coming up that they have a great chance to win, but if they lose to the Atlanta Falcons this weekend at home and after their buy week lose to the Houston Texans, and Fitzgerald has no impact in those games, then the Cardinals would have to use the Jacksonville Jaguars game to build his value back up, and throw him the ball until his hands fall off and then trade him, big games keep his league status as star receiver with value.

Waiting until next year the window may be shut and sealed and his value gone down dramatically, because his numbers after another losing season struggling with quarterback play will be worse or right at where they were a year ago, which is very below average for the star receiver contract he is being paid, and teams will see him as a receiver on the decline.

It has to be done this year at the trade deadline, if the team drops out of contention for a playoff run by losing these next few games, but!, if the team wins these next three games and Fitzgerald plays a major role, then you have to go ahead and ride this season out, because his stats will look better if the team is contending and his value window doesn’t take a hit for being able to trade him next year, it’s a business decision no brainier for management to make this move.

This subject has so many different scenarios and can be very tricky, because Cardinal management only get one chance to do this right, and get max value for a great player. Fitzgerald only has 3 to 4 years left before his skills start to take a diminishing blow, at 30 he still has star receiver value and a contender team will be willing to give up more for him.

As a fan I have trouble forming the words “trade Larry Fitzgerald” but lets face it fans it takes time to build a team to be a winner, let alone a championship contender, Larry Fitzgerald does not have the window of time left to have this team build around him, seeing that could take a few more years considering the quarterback position will eventually go through another transition to the future draft pick.

While there is value the Cards need to make this move, knowing that if they miss on this, it will be a big blow to the rebuild in getting more picks and they lose the chance to build a contender faster.