My Theory about D.C. Jefferson


My theory about D.C. Jefferson
Character flaws have a short leash in the Arizona Cardinals system under Bruce Arians.

I know that Bruce Arians had said that Jefferson was released due to performance issues. But I think his off the field “performance” is what really did them in. Jefferson was released on Monday just days after the suspicion of a D.U.I. charge. It isn’t like D.C. Jefferson had a huge season for the Cardinals anyway. The 7th round pick from Rutgers never seemed to make anything happen that was worth keeping him on the roster. The signing of Ballard will work well for the Cardinals with his active hands and running ability.

The bigger picture is this: Bruce Arians is done dealing with character issues. Most of us remember right before the bye week that Bruce has said “Don’t be the guy!” meaning, “Don’t get arrested”. The writing was on the wall for these players and D.C. ignored it, therefore he’s out. This does worry me for the Cardinals more promising players that tend to get in a little trouble from time to time. If Mathieu and Washington thought they had tight leashes, they better think again. I have this feeling that no player is exempt from Bruce’s punishment for getting in trouble with the law. Hopefully this philosophy will strike fear into some of the Cardinals players, stopping whatever ‘character flaws’ they may have been plagued with.

Bruce Arians is a no nonsense guy, which is exactly what the desert needs as the Cardinals get ready to take on the second half of their 2013-2014 NFL Season.