What Needs to Happen for the Cardinals to Make the Playoffs


What a gloomy week this has been for the Arizona Cardinals. They have to come home with a broken win streak on a game that they could have/should have won. The late start for the offense killed our chances, and the officiating didn’t help to give us another shot. Oh well, it’s in the past. So, what needs to happen for the Cardinals to make the playoffs?

“So you’re saying there IS a chance?!” Yes, but a slim one at that. In a perfect world, the Cardinals win out and the 49ers lose out. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that one, but playing at Seattle is going to be a mess for the Red Sea. Another team to watch, and hopefully watch lose, is Carolina. They still have to play New Orleans twice. Losing those two games could really help the Cardinals. But man Carolina has been rolling pretty much since they left Arizona.

You also have to watch Detroit. Now we beat Detroit, but they are on top of their division. This makes it tricky but maybe there will be huge shifts in the standings to close out the year and those tiebreakers may bode well for the Cardinals early wins.

I know there is a lot of doubt in my tone here because Sunday really shook my confidence in the playoffs this year. But don’t worry fellow fans, I am still holding on to that sliver of hope that Arizona gets a shot at the playoffs.

Hopefully we can see an image like this in the VERY near future…