Arizona Cardinals: Playoffs or Not, 2013 is a Significant Season


Dec 8, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby (56) returns an interception for a touchdown in the third quarter against the St. Louis Rams at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Rams 30-10. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

No matter what happens today, I`m happy with the Cardinals 2013 season. With that being said, I’ll be bummed if the Saints win and the playoff window closes on this playoff caliber team. I had a good feeling at the beginning season about this Cardinals team, but I did`nt get my hopes up for them making the playoffs. Now that I see what this team can do, I really what to see what they can do in the playoffs, but I`m not going to complain knowing what can be next year.

Next season the Cardinals will be getting back Jonathan Cooper, their first round draft pick. On top of that, the defense gets back Sam Acho, Alex Okafor, and Lorenzo Alexander. With these four players being back on the field and a new draft class, this team should turn some heads. The new draft class that will be coming in might not be as good as this years, but Steve Keim has shown all us fan he knows what he`s doing.

The Cardinals have some top free agents that will need to be resigned, but I`m sure most will come back knowing the Cardinals are knocking on the door for a Super Bowl ring. This team does need a running back and I don`t believe Rashard Mendenhall is the answer. I hoping Ryan Williams will be that guy and with a full season of strength and conditioning he will be strong enough to stay healthy.

With the tight ends, Bruce Arians might bring in a new group of guys. Arians like tight ends who can block as well as catch the ball, so I would`nt be shocked if there is a new group this up coming season. I`m not saying that this group is`nt a good group of guys or that they need new blood at that line up, I`m saying that in Arians` system, they could probably get better players. It will all depend on how the draft and free agency plays out.

No matter how the off-season plays out, I believe the Cardinals can make it to the Super Bowl next year, even with the same team. My biggest concern is, will Todd Bowles be back next year. I don`t know if he`s able to leave for another team or what not, but if he can, I hope he will stay until he helps the Cardinals become Super Bowl Champions.