Handing Out Superlatives and Awards For The 2013 Arizona Cardinals

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MVP: RB Andre Ellington

There’s no doubt about it. Andre Ellington, the sixth round draft pick, was an absolute steal for the Cards and was their most important player in 2013. His stats were great. He rushed for 652 yards on 118 attempts (5.5 yard average) and three touchdowns. On the receiving end, he caught 39 passes for 371 yards (9.5 yard average) and one touchdown. He also never lost a fumble. He was the first cards rookie to reach 1,000 all-purpose yards since Anquan Boldin in 2003. He was critical to the offense because of his dual threat capability. He did things in the short passing game that even some receivers couldn’t do. When he was called upon to start against the Falcons, he rushed for 154 yards, including an 80 yard dash. He is extremely quick and turned many negative looing runs into positives with pure quickness and agility. Without him, the Cardinals offense would’ve full ridden on the passing game, and would’ve been too one-dimensional to move the ball down the field.

Andre Ellington has a chance to be a major part of the Cardinals offense, and he has certainly earned the title of Most valuable Player for the 2013 Arizona Cardinals.