Arizona Cardinals: Why Bowles Should Stay


Even though Todd Bowles is set to stay here in Arizona, I`m going to tell you why he should stay. You should`nt move on to another project without finishing the one you first started. There you have it, enough said. All jokes aside, even though his defense finished seventh in the league, there still is more to be done.

The rushing defense was one of the best in the league. They allowed only 84.5 rushing yards a game and only five rushing touchdowns, only the Panthers and the Seahawks allowed less (4) all year. The Jets were the only team to have a better run stopping average (3.3) and the Panthers and Chargers were the only teams to be rushed less on then the Cardinals` 347.

Those reasons are why he is able to get a head coaching right now, but the reason he needs to stay are what needs to be worked on, the secondary. This unit allowed 229.1 passing yards a game which can be better. They allowed 10.9 yards a pass which lead to 22 touchdowns and 20.1 points a game.

Going into his second season, he`s a part of a team that has just as good of a chance to win a Super Bowl as any of the top teams in the league. He`s going to be getting back Sam Acho, Alex Okafor, and Lorenzo Alexander. After showing this year`s free agents his defense, he is going to get a chance to get some better help this off-season with the secondary and might end up having one of the best defense`s in NFL History.

The main reason he should stay, besides the players, he`s the one who makes this defense as good as they are. If the Cardinals` defense were an engine, he`d be the fuel injector. So with this team having more of an upside then a downside, he should stick around to get himself a ring and maybe even a bigger payday on a head coaching contract in the future