Reason Why A Good QB May Be There At 20 For Cardinals


Feb 1, 2014; New York, NY, USA; General view of the 3rd NFL Honors at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There may or may not be one guarantee prospect in this years draft, considering the definition of the word prospect quoted from Mr. Webster’s dictionary “the possibility or likelihood of something happening in the future” or “A person that is regarded to most likely succeed in the future” that describes every draft pick  in the draft no matter how high or low.

The trouble is having to be right on taking a chance on one in the first round,  and star quarterbacks come ever so often, more like “a needle in a hay stack” picking the right one.

The position of quarterback is the most likely position to yield a lesser chance to land a successful player, this being the central reason why there will be several quarterback prospects on the board after the first round is done.

There will probably be one signal caller go in the top ten this year, of the top 10 teams that needed a quarterback  all have made moves to bring in veterans to start.

Look at the teams that need quarterbacks of the first ten picks and the moves they have made that would suggest they will not go after a quarterback in the first round:

Houston #1: Brings in Ryan Fitzpatrick to go along with T.J Yates

Jacksonville #3: may just be that one team to go quarterback first round but do still have Chad Henne to start.

Cleveland #4: Brings Brian Hoyer back and adds Tyler Thigpen and Vince Young, they are definitely waiting on second round for sure.

Oakland #5: Traded for Matt Schaub and brings in Trent Edwards and have expressed that they are not jumping on a quarterback in first round.

Tampa Bay #7: Have Mike Glennon but brings in Josh McCown and if Jacksonville takes Johnny Manziel then look for the Buccs to go elsewhere in the first round.

Minnesota #8: Keeps Matt Cassel and have Christian Ponder still in the mix and the first round looks like a bad move for them as well

With most of the top ten bringing in or keeping veterans, the first round pushes back several good prospects at quarterback to be had late first round or early second. That fairs well for a team like the Arizona Cardinals who also has a veteran in place but can prepare for their future and perhaps with the definition of the word “prospect” they can land that star of the future.