Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald’s #38 On Top 100 ,Performance Or Respect


Dec 29, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (11) against the San Francisco 49ers at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals is number 38 on the (impossible to put in order) NFL Network top 100 players list, a list that most players are not satisfied with where they have been placed.
But for Fitzgerald who has always been the humblest person on and off the field really doesn’t care where he lands on this list because he knows he will be on it regardless.

That leaves the questioning for the list even being created, in that its impossible to list 100 players from all different positions in order by the best. For Larry Fitzgerald the question is how can he go from number seven in 2012 with lessor numbers at 71 rec for 798 yards and 4td’s, to 2013 at number 38 on the list with better numbers 82 rec for 954 yards and 10td’s.

If the numbers are better how did he digress on the list, did 37 other players actually have a better year than Fitz, or is it that the 2012 season he made the list at #7 simply out of respect of who he is by name and resume.
Is there another player on the 2012 list that should not have been in the top 10 that made it other than the well respected Larry Fitzgerald, this is no spite on Larry the person, but the list was suppose to be the top 100 players by performance and there were a mired of players that played receiver that tallied better numbers than the 11 year veteran.

That number seven ranking compared to the 38 ranking last year tells the story of the great wide-out, since Kurt Warner’s departure Fitzgerald has been a decoy for the Cards offense as his numbers declined, he still was the ultimate threat, but with no quarterback to even get him the ball it gave the sentiments of “poor Larry” from all the critics, which forced that number seven ranking in 2012. His 2013 38 ranking was solely based on performance and he had a very good season but has yet to have a season performance worthy of top 10 since the Warner days.

This does not point to Larry losing a step at all nor does it say he is not capable of those numbers from the Warner days, it says what it has always said for five years and that is get the guy a quarterback.
Certainly Carson Palmer has been a breathe of fresh air to Larry and his performance numbers as he slowly creeps back up to his well known status, this year will be a flashback season for Fitzgerald as he will not have to worry about being just a decoy.

The emergence of Michael Floyd and speed of Ted Ginn and rookie John Brown he should see a lot of one on one coverage, and the 2014 season will yield a “welcome back Fitz” tag and another top 10 placement on that impossible list.