Arizona Cardinals Two Star Corners Get An Overrated Tag, Is It Warranted?


Sep 22, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson (21) against the New Orleans Saints before a game at Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Saints defeated the Cardinals 31-7. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the definition to the term overrated:To have a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved. Have Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie of the Arizona Cardinals done enough to be declared the best in the league? There is a chance that most players get their status by either how high they went in the draft or by having one break-out year, the question from the critics stands, is that the case for both Peterson and Cromartie?

One could argue that Peterson’s fan base has hung its hat on his rookie break-out season in the return and punt game which he did in dramatic fashion with four TD returns, and showing the potential as a rookie that he could eventually be a great cover corner. But has he done enough in his body of work since then to deserve the tag of best corner? remember Cardinal fans, before last year (even in that break-out season) the Cardinals were a losing team. Did we see enough winning plays that would say that Patrick Peterson is the best now. I guess that’s why its an ongoing debate and is still to be determined on the field.

But if the overrated tag gets associated with your name that means there is doubt, as a high rating leaves no doubt at all. The same goes for the question who is a first ballad Hall-of-Fame player, if there is a question, then it is possible that person is not at that particular time.

Cromartie may just have a body of work in place that may suggest that he can be on the list, why? because his days with the Jets the corner-back on the other side of him didn’t get the ball thrown at him much in Darrell Revis, those were the years of the famous “Revis Island” at that time he was the best. But Cromartie was the corner getting thrown at because of Revis greatness for a few years and he held his own coming up with picks and many knock-down balls, and had a swagger that said he was a good corner until the injuries hindered him since then. Do injuries count to look on for production? many questions with this topic.

Who can really tell who is overrated or not but the truth of the matter is this season sure will be the avenue to prove it, the fans and the critics are watching and the play of both these players will have to be dynamic to shake that overrated tag and put it to sleep.