Coach of The Year In Future For Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians


Dec 8, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians reacts during the fourth quarter against the St. Louis Rams at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the rams 30-10. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

After being stiffed out of a coach of the year honor last year, Head Coach Bruce Arians will look to get back in the running for the award this year as his team looks primed for a big season, and making the playoffs can propel him into another stratosphere in coaching.

Arians accomplishments to this date have already been remarkable as we all know the great story of his assistant coaching years wining a championship with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Then of course his heroics in Indianapolis taking over as head coach for a sick Chuck Pagano, before moving on in his first year as a full time Head Coach with the Arizona Cardinals.

No one could have guest that he would have the success he did last season taking over a team that was just in a mess all around but end up with a 10-6 mark the first year. Doing it with a new signal caller and a star receiver learning a new role, with a new defensive coordinator after the team had some success on defense the previous year.

But with his tough father figure like coaching style he accomplished that feat and the second half of the season for the Cardinals looked a little more like what is to be expected going forward, although we have not seen it in its full splendor yet as the team lacked some weapons that they have this year.

With the Cardinals under Arians we will see what Arians meant when he said last year in an interview, (paraphrasing)” were coming into every game with six bullets in the gun and plan to unload all six before its done” this of course referring to the deep ball and should be exciting to see this year.

Projection for coach Arians will be a coach of the year honor for the 2014 season as his team enters into the playoffs after six long years of waiting.