Arizona Cardinals Strength And Cowboys Strength Will Collide On Sunday


When two immovable forces collide something has to give, and in the case of the Arizona Cardinals against the Dallas Cowboys this weekend we will see the answer to that question play out on the field. The Dallas Cowboys running game against the Cardinals number one rush defense are the two powers that will clash in Texas on Sunday morning. The Cardinals have not allowed a 100 yard rusher this year and Cowboys running-back Damarco Murray has a streak of 100 yard games currently going at eight. The Cowboys have three number one picks on their offensive line and there lye the key to their rush success with Murray. The Cardinals have a stout middle line on defense combined with speed on the outside and running on them has been a task for any back. What will give ?

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One point to this match up that would lean toward the redbirds would be that they are used to playing against a physical offensive line, as they face the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks twice a year and have withstood their bruising rushers. It will also be interesting to see if Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett will stay committed to the run if it does get shut down early. Will he change his game plan and make the offense more dependent on quarterback Tony Romo.

Romo said in his presser after his Monday night loss to the Washington Redskins “that was the most blitzing we have faced all season so far” and let me be the first to inform Mr. Romo “you aint seen nothing yet when it comes to blitzes” This Cardinals defense is predicated on the blitz and it gets stronger and more complex as the game goes on. Tony Romo will be coming off an injury to his back if he plays in this game, and that does not bode well for him seeing the results of what he deemed the most blitzes they have seen left him in a fetal position in pain. Should  the Cardinals blitzes get to him early and often he may not finish this game.

Another question will be which team can continue to make an impact on the game in other areas if their strong points have been neutralized. Cardinals are giving up a lot of passing yards this year because teams are forced to throw the ball more seeing they cannot run on them. The Cowboys have run for a lot of yards and it allows them to have explosive play-action plays down field. Something has to give in this one, be on the look out for the game preview in more details and our prediction of the winner of the two forces that will battle on the field.