Cardinals Deone Bucannon Could Control Outcome Of Cowboys Match-up


The Arizona Cardinals first round pick Deone Bucannon has been an impact player so far on the defense. Defensive coordinator Todd Bowles has utilized the power hitting rookie in many ways that has helped the teams run defense be tops in the league.

Bucannon’s natural position is safety but has been more used in a line-backer position to give the team some speed coming up to stop the run. In the match-up this weekend with the powerful running style Dallas Cowboys, Bucannon could play a crucial role that could lead the Cardinals to stopping another great back, or he could also be the catalyst that could allow the team’s first 100 yard rusher.

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Labeled in college as a head hunter, Bucannon will most definitely have his opportunities to hit, as Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray will be in the gaps all game long.

Look for Bucannon to have multiple tackle opportunities on Murray throughout the game. Also any missed tackles would allow Murray to get to the second level is crucial to the outcome of the game. Bucannon’s speed at the linebacker position will allow him to get to the holes before Murray, but it will be his job to be able to read the play and get there. Once he gets there he must tackle and that has been one of his specialties, as he currently is fourth on the team in tackles with 35.

Natural line-backers Larry Foote and Kevin Minter will also be key in stopping the run but the speed of Bucannon will play the biggest role. Dallas does not use Murray out of the back-field as much but where ever he goes on the field Bucannon will be close.

This will be the key to the ball game. If the Cardinals stop the run, they will win this game going away by at least 10 or more points. But if Bucannon has problems getting threw gaps, off blocks, and reading plays then the defense could give up chunk plays to Murray and allow the Cowboys to control the game.

This one will be fun to watch for sure.