Arizona Cardinals Cannot Over Look The St Louis Rams


The St. Louis Rams have beaten the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers already this season

The Arizona Cardinals will take on the St. Louis Rams this weekend, and this being a division game means standings, and stats mean nothing. Division games come down to will and grit and determination, no matter which building you’re in, these games are always close.

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Since 2002 when the Seattle Seahawks joined the NFC West, no team in the West division has swept through the division opponents but twice. 2005 Seahawks, and 2008 Cardinals, in which both teams went to the super-bowl and both lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Currently the Cardinals are 1-0 in the West division with that one win over the 49ers. Rams coming into University of Phoenix Stadium after beating the 49ers last week 13-10, and causing the fumble by Colon Kaepernick on the half inch yard line the last play of the game. This game will be more mental than anything, and the Rams are flying high.

After all, they did beat the 49ers in their new stadium. So the Cardinals cannot come into this game with a mental block, they are a better team than St. Louis but cannot have that factor in their minds, if so they could also get beat.

The Rams pass rush seems to be getting on track, as they sacked Kaepernick eight times. The Redbirds offense needs to be on point early in this game, from the running game to the passing game without mental errors. The team has yet to explode on offense like the weapons they have would say they should.

There will be a game where they will score 40 points and there will be a game where a team that is not supposed to beat them will do so. In these cases it’s usually a division foe, a team that knows everything about each other and there are no surprises. It’s just line up and over power the opponent.

The Cardinals have the ability to dominate this game, but only if they are right mentally coming in. Head Coach Bruce Arians has not allowed the team to rest on their 7-1 record. Look for more game previews coming soon.