Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer’s Second Major Knee Injury


The Arizona Cardinals loses starting quarterback Carson Palmer for the remainder of the season.

After the signing of a big extension, much like 2005 as a Bengal, Palmer goes down to a knee injury the game after a big pay raise.

But to his credit he has worked so hard to get to the point where his name was being mentioned amongst the leaders in the NFL. Palmer had begun to turn every negative critic into believers. Radio personalities in the Valley had changed their opinion of him as a starting quarterback. The question is now what? Palmer at 35 years of age and facing the nine month obstacle of rehabbing his left knee for the second time in his career.

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It has been well documented of how tough the veteran is mentally and physically, and if anyone can comeback from this set-back is Palmer.
Battling the aging process makes it more difficult to stay healthy for a full 17 week season, and that is what Palmer will be faced with the remainder of his playing career.

The older we get the weaker the limbs and muscles get and become more assessable to injury.

The three quarters that Palmer played in the game verses the Rams were very physically strenuous minutes for an older non mobile quarterback. Palmer did a lot of moving in the pocket and ran down a man to stop a pick six,and taking big hits in this game throughout. He was sacked three times and took nine hits, and all of the wear a tear on the knee weakened it and at a vulnerable time with little contact, the knee gave way.

A very hard thing to deal with twice in one career, and on behalf of all of us here at Raisingzona and Fansided we wish a speedy recovery.