Threat That Can Take The Number One Seed From The Arizona Cardinals


The 9-1 Arizona Cardinals are the leaders of the NFC with six games to go. Holding on to the number one seed will be critical to their goal of playing at home in the super-bowl.

First, the Cards would have to have a total melt down to not get seeded less than number two. The team that can challenge them to take that number one seed is the hottest offense in the NFC the Green Bay Packers

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Strength of schedule determines that Green Bay may lose one more game, that being against the hottest team in the AFC the New England Patriots. Should the Packers lose that game  they would finish at 12-4 considering no other slip ups, perhaps the Lions beat them on the final week but that is not likely to happen.

The Cardinals would have to finish 12-4 or better to win the number one seed, if they tie with the Packers they should win the tie-breaker having more conference wins. The NFC West division poses no threat, again, unless a total melt down happens and the San Francisco 49ers creep in and take the division at 11-5.

That would mean the Cardinals would have to lose five out of six of their final games, and that is not likely with the way their defense is playing right now.

According to schedule the Cardinals can realistically finish at 13-3 or at worse 12-4, which will be more than enough to win the West division seeing that the Seahawks and 49ers face each other twice. Not to mention the Seahawks get the short end of the stick with the toughest schedule to finish the season.

So, as of now (pending a melt-down) the Packers are the only threat to snatch the number one seed, but if the Cards win four of their final six then they should be in good shape. The way the Packers are playing, no team would want to face them at Lambeau field in January.

Early playoff predictions goes as follows:

1=Cardinals at 13-3/12-4 bye week

2=Packers at   12-4/ bye week

3=Cowboys at 10-6 wild-card

4=Saints at       8-8 wild card

5=Lions at       10-6

6=49ers at       10-6

This year’s 10-6 team to miss the playoffs will be the Philadelphia Eagles, and the reigning champ Seattle Seahawks will finish at 9-7 and be part of the group of champions to not make the playoffs the following year of their super-bowl run.

Stay tuned for the predictions of the Cardinals playoff run of 2014-2015 season.