Arizona Cardinals Must Have Killer Instinct To Stay On Top Of Conference


The Arizona Cardinals cannot afford to be complacent with only a one game lead for the conference title, and two game lead in their division.

The heat is on and the other teams are surging to catch the number one spot. The key to keeping the top spot now for the Redbirds is to have a killer instinct.

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Bruce Arians has never been a conservative coach, but the last few games, the Cards have lacked the ability to make the plays that would keep them in a game or finish a team. The offense has not scored a touchdown in about seven full quarters, and Drew Stanton throwing interceptions has caused the play calling to be more conservative.

Closely played games have been their identity, but against teams like the Atlanta Falcons the Cardinals can not afford to allow this team to hang around.
Falcons have the home field advantage, and that alone is enough to allow them hope to pull the upset. The mindset has to be start fast and finish strong leaving no hope for the Falcons to think they can win the game.

The first quarter and the beginning of the second half will be critical in this game, along with the last five minutes of the fourth quarter, the Cards need to string together consecutive touchdown scoring drives more than once today.

The Cards defense will allow them to keep Matt Ryan and company under raps, but Drew Stanton cannot turn the ball over today and give the building and the falcons energy vibes of an upset.