Arizona Cardinals Have Giant Hurdles To Jump To Get back On Winning Track


After a 29-18 loss to the Falcons the Arizona Cardinals are left with licking more battle wombs and trying to figure out how to stay atop the conference.

Next week will be here faster than you know it, and the short handed Cardinals don’t seem to be able to continue the magic of “next man-up” The Cards defense still the only bright spot left on the team as every other category continues to go further and further to the back of every statistic in the league. Today the defense bended and then they broke because they just do not have the support they need to get rested enough to play a better game.

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Corner-back Patrick Peterson got a lesson in humble pie, and he got it feed to him all day by receiver Julio Jones of the Falcons. If you talk you have to back up your words, and Peterson did not look like a top corner at all as he gave up 189 yards on 10 catches to the star receiver Jones on the day.

It was very hard to tell which team came in at (9-2) and which was (4-7), but if you had to guess having not known, it would easily look like the Cards were the latter.
Can’t see this offense being able to beat the remaining teams on the schedule at this point, after close to eight quarters without a touchdown the defense will not last at this rate.

The injury bug continues to hit this team hard, and how they fill these current holes will be seen, but one thing is for certain it seems there luck has run out.

The good news is that the team heads home where they have yet to lose and that is a good thing to hang their hats on, but if the offense continues like this it will be a large hurdle to overcome.

The Chiefs come in next week and then the rough and tough NFC West to finish the year. We’ll see if the Cards can continue to fight and muster at least one to two more wins, but at this point it would not be a surprise to see them drop all the remainder and end up 9-7 and out of the race.