Arizona Cardinals: A Must Win Situation At Home Against The Chiefs


Power Rankings have dropped the Arizona Cardinals from the top of the list after a two game losing streak.

The Cardinals need to win this home game verses the Chiefs to stay number one seed and keep their dream alive of playing in the super-bowl in their own building.

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The way the team has played the last few games they need a win to just stay in the race for the playoffs. The Seahawks are surging by way of their defense, and only one game back of the Cards to take over the West division. Should that happen then the Cards and 49ers will fight to not finish third in the west.

Some team with 10 wins may lose out on the playoffs again this year, judging by the standings in the NFC and a free ride to the winner of the NFC South getting in probably with a record under the 500 mark.

Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles are serious threats to steal the number one seed, currently having the same record at 9-3. One more loss for the Redbirds and they can kiss home field advantage throughout the playoffs goodbye this year. The Packers are the hottest team in the league and it does not look like they are going to lose another game and will finish the year 13-3.

Cardinals would also have to win out to keep the number one seed and cannot lose more than one more game to at least secure the west division title. Needless to say this is a must win for the Cardinals, not only to stay in the playoff race, but to stay out of the conversation of a total second half season melt down and choke away a great opportunity.