Arizona Cardinals Down To Their Back-up To The Back-up


The amazing resilience of the Arizona Cardinals continues after another major player goes down. Current starting quarter-back Drew Stanton went down to a hyper-extended knee injury.

Results show no tears and that is very good news. Any other team it would be more than panic time, but these Cardinals have a system that just simply works no matter who is in or out.

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Quarterback is the head of the body of the team on the field for the offense, and the Cardinals head has a major headache, but even so can still function just enough to continue their amazing season.

So who can come in and be a band-aid or an aspirin for this team the rest of the way to secure the one seed and the West title? Back-up Ryan Lindley certainly will be the front runner. Coming into a game of that caliber this late in the season having not taken a practice rep with the first team, Lindley did just enough to not blow the lead.

Getting all of the coaches and hurt quarterbacks to help him prepare this week, Lindley should be the starter at home next Sunday verse the Seattle Seahawks. There are some positives for Lindley going forward, the running game has been established and the offensive-line is playing just as good as any in the league.

Last time Ryan Lindley played in live action he didn’t have an O-line or running game. Now that he will have time to throw the ball and play-action becomes a factor he will be fine as the current starter.