Arizona Cardinals Bruce Arians Very Defensive After The Rams Game


The blunt speaking of Head Coach Bruce Arians has been a breath of fresh air from a media standpoint all year long.

After last night’s game to the St. Louis Rams, Arians stayed true to his rep and unloaded some choice words about his opponent.

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During the short week of preparation Head Coach Bruce Arians may have gotten some things to motivate his team for this upcoming game on Thursday night. It worked, and after the game BA let it be known that he didn’t appreciate the Rams talk all week long that the Cards had no chance to win on a short week on the road.

Bruce fired up his team and they won the game spite the loss of another key player, and after the game BA let lose “They were talking all that (bleep) about how good their defense was, we just showed them what real defense looks like” said Arians. Could this have been just a method to fire up his team to win, or was their truly something personal between he and the Rams organization.

Something was there because Arians continued on several interviews to take his shots at the Rams, “they were talking like they were a 12 win team, but they are an 8-8 team at best” he added. Then Arians made it clear to all, and said “nobody runs on us”

That was a very strong statement from a coach that is always complimentary of his opponents, so what was so personal about the match-up? Most seem to think it had a lot to do with what the Rams did in Washington last week in bringing out all the players that were involved in the RG 3 trade. The speculation has continued even the day after and Arians has not disclosed any insight as to what caused his rants. One thing is certain, it sure was entertaining to hear.