Arizona Cardinals Will Start Rookie Logan Thomas On The Road Against The 49ers


The Arizona Cardinals lose a little momentum heading into the playoffs and will need to see some offensive positivity to feel good going into the playoffs.

Last year the Cards missed the playoffs and it came down to a loss to the Rams in game one, where they blew an 11 point lead to lose 27-24. This year the Cards are in the post season and could have had the one seed, but this season the loss to the Falcons will come back to haunt the Redbirds. If the Cards win that game they would still hold the number one seed regardless of a Seattle loss.

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But the “if” game is not reality, the reality is that the Cardinals are not dead yet and need something positive going into their first post season appearance since 2009. Next week the Redbirds will start rookie quarterback Logan Thomas, which would say that the team has relented that the fifth seed is as high as they will get. Stranger things have happened, and the Rams would have to beat the Seahawks and the Cards win in San Francisco for the Redbirds to get the West division and a chance at the number one seed.

Rookie Logan Thomas will have to perform for not only a chance to win this game but according to Head Coach Bruce Arians “We want to see what we have for the future” meaning we need to know are we going to draft another quarterback with a pretty good class coming out next year.

Thomas has only thrown eight passes this season in live action, but can be a double threat with his ability to run the ball. Look for Arians to put Thomas in a familiar territory and Sunday we could be watching two read option quarterbacks play in San Francisco.