Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson Pro-Bowl Selection By Status or Performance?


The entire off season was spent debating who is the best corner-back in the NFL, and the selection of the pro bowl should yield clear answers to the debate.

Every year the Pro-bowl selections always have a few decisions left to be desired, and clearly one has been the selection of Arizona Cardinals corner-back Patrick Peterson.  The choosing of the team for the second year is strictly by personal opinion. The captains chose who they would want on their teams, so numbers and performance may get thrown out of the window when a guy has a bigger name than others.

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What warrants one a pro-bowl selection in the eyes of those choosing? Is it the bigger the name equals automatic bid? or should it be numbers driven based on the performance of that player in that particular season? Clearly this question will forever be debated as many well deserved performances sometimes out do those of the big name status.

Patrick Peterson seems to be getting the benefit of big name status, and has gotten a somewhat pass for his lack luster year playing the corner position. Remember this season was suppose to be one of his best having been taking away from the multiple positions he played last year. To focus on being the best corner in the league, then came the big payoff which boosted his status.

Performance has yet to catch up with status for Peterson,  there was a statement by one of his competitors in the “best corner group” Richard Sherman said on an interview before the Sunday night game against the Seahawks ” I don’t think he should even be mentioned in the group with us” Sherman continued to say “when you give up eight touchdowns and several big plays like that you shouldn’t be mentioned” very strong words by one who has continued to back up his talk.

Some guys can embrace trash talking and it somehow fuels them to prove their words to be right, and others fold under the pressure of the debate and cant match their mouth on the field. Has that been the case for Peterson? its not for certain, but one thing has been clear, the performance of 2014 clearly does not deserve a pro-bowl selection. Antonio Cromartie based on performance and consistency should have gotten mention more so than Peterson.

Its clear that a big contract and a big name status drives everyone toward the usual suspects, while the performance of some that stood out all year are not even acknowledged. Fair or unfair that is the question. If the big name stars continue to perform at at high level consistently then the argument becomes moot.

There is one game and a playoff run left in the season, which should leave plenty of time for Peterson to showcase some dominant like performances throughout, and help clear up the speculation and criticism.