Cardinals’ top 10 plays:#5-1

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The Cardinals had some memorable moments in 2014. Here’s a countdown of the cardinals top 10 plays.

The Arizona Cardinals 2014 season was marred by injury but rich with optimism. An 11-5 finish and a playoff berth isn’t possible without some great single moments on the offense and defense.  With the season now done, it’s time to count down which moments stood out the most. After sorting through the big moments, I’ve assembled a list of the Cardinals’ top 10 plays of this season.

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The Cardinals had several big moments created by an offense that, when healthy, played very well, and a defense that maintained a reputation for making big plays when big plays needed making. This reflection on the best ten moments involves everyone from rookies to linemen, and game-winners to plays that were just fun to see happen.

The factors that went into making this list were simple. First, the excitement value/difficulty of the play, second the importance of that play to the game, and third the importance of that play to the player who made it. Plays that were significant that weren’t made by the Cardinals were also excluded (e.g. the play where Carson Palmer tore his ACL) All games the Cardinals played in were considered and there were a few tough omissions.

Without further ado, the second half of the 2014 Arizona Cardinals’ top 10 plays