Arizona Cardinals: 2015 NFL Draft Latest Hits


Less than one hour before the start of the 2015 NFL Draft and here’s the latest on the Arizona Cardinals

We are almost up on the first pick of the 2015 NFL Draft.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be on the clock.  The Arizona Cardinals are at number 24 but could they be looking to trade up or down?  There is word the Bucs may be talking about trading their number one pick as well.

Here is the up to the minute news on the Arizona Cardinals.  Included are what some are saying on Twitter as well.

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The Adrian Peterson rumors continue to swirl.  Most are resigned to the idea he is not coming to Arizona but some are still talking about the possibility.  Sports World Report wrote about the possibilities of Peterson being traded about three hours ago.

"An Adrian Peterson trade could go down for the Minnesota Vikings at the NFL draft starting on Thursday and if he is traded, the running back could land with the Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, San Diego Chargers or Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but with hours to go until the start of the first round, a deal with the star is looking unlikely."

Alex Flanagan from the NFL Network also chimed in on the Arizona Cardinals.

Here’s what others are saying: