Arizona Cardinals: 2015 NFL Draft Options Aplenty


The first-round of the 2015 NFL Draft gets underway today at 5:00 p.m. Arizona time

If there is anything certain about the Arizona Cardinals and their first-round draft pick at number 24 is the uncertainty of it all.  There are rumors for pretty much every scenario possible out there.  Will they trade down?  Trade up?  Stay put?

It is amazing this late in the pre-draft process that we still don’t have even close to a clue as to what the Cardinals will do with their first-round pick.  There are a couple of reasons for that I believe.

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First of all, most Cardinals fans remember last season’s draft.  The Cardinals traded down to number 27 and took safety Deone Bucannon from Washington State with the pick.  No one in Arizona was talking about him publicly or privately.  General manager Steve Keim pulled a rabbit out of his hat of tricks and surprised everyone.  It turned out to be a great pick, at least so far.

So the latest rumors have the Cardinals possibly trading down, again.  They would likely stock up on another pick or two to do so.  They could still get a great player later in the first round.  There would be eight different trading partners to make a deal with.

They could stay put.  Since the Cardinals have multiple needs and there will still be multiple potential stars on the board, they could just do nothing.  Mel Kiper’s last mock draft this morning has the Cardinals taking defensive end Arik Armstead from Oregon.  He’s a guy they probably wouldn’t have to trade up to get if they wanted to go that route.

Then, they could trade up to get someone special, say Georgia running back Todd Gurley.  Many of the latest mocks over the past several days now think both Gurley and Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon will be gone before 24.  How important is it to get one of them to help immediately improve the Cardinals running game.  It is a deep draft for running backs. but these two are heads and shoulders above the rest.

Running back, defensive end, linebacker, cornerback, and offensive line seem to be the most likely first-round route for the Cardinals.  They will also probably take a receiver in the draft but maybe not until the middle-rounds.

I’ve been saying Todd Gurley as being the guy.  I’m still going with that even though now rumors out there have the San Diego Chargers saying that Gurley is their guy at number 17.  I know many see him gone by 24 but there is just so much information out there and you really don’t know who to believe.  Take my guess with a grain of salt.  It’s just a guess.  I know nothing about it and if the Cardinals do seven hours before the start of the draft, they certainly won’t be telling any of us.

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