Arizona Cardinals: Pre-Week 1 Power Rankings

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87. What can you say about a team that won a division, won a playoff game and finished the season under .500? You make the top 20, but you also have no receivers and your running game is headed up by your QB. Expect the Panthers to drift down the rankings as the season progresses.. (0-0). Previous: N/Ath. Carolina Panthers. 20. team

13. A great QB, decent receivers, but never able to break out above .500 in the last few seasons. With Kansas City and Denver lurking, San Diego needs to make smart decisions and the best of non-divisional games to move up.. (0-0). Previous: N/Ath. San Diego Chargers. 19. team

Sep 8, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford (8) attempts to scramble away from Arizona Cardinals defensive end John Abraham (55) during the second half at Edward Jones Dome. The Rams defeated the Cardinals 27-24. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

54. After a great start in 2014, and a sputtering end, the Eagles traded their QB for, who had got them there, for a better replacement in Sam Bradford, but Bradford has never played in two full back-to-back seasons. The addition of a running game in DeMarco Murray hopes to catch lightning in a bottle, but how much was Murray’s success from the Dallas O-line or Murray’s skill.. (0-0). Previous: N/Ath. Philadelphia Eagles. 18. team

What are the Bills doing here? There’s a lot of excitement and promise in northern N.Y.Tyrod Taylor is turning heads beating out Matt Cassel and EJ Manuel (which isn’t hard) for the starting QB position. Rex Ryan brings a strong defensive background to a surprising team, expect great things here.. (0-0). Previous: N/Ath. Buffalo Bills. 17. team. 16

Previous: N/Ath. New Orleans Saints. 16. team. 15. You freefall a bit when you lose your top offensive weapon. The trade of superstar TE Jimmy Graham to Seattle tipped the scales in the NFC South. Drew Brees can still sling the ball, but a concerning increase in turnovers last season may have the QB on the decline and should have the Saints making plans of succession sooner rather than later.. (0-0)

team. 44. Matt Ryan is a great QB, with a renewed running game the Falcons are poised to make a run at the division again after several down years. The defense is still questionable with losses, but with a 5-1 record in the division last season (and 1-9 outside) the team can win against its rivals, this just has to spread to the rest of the league.. (0-0). Previous: N/Ath. Atlanta Falcons. 15

53. Keep Johnny Football on the sidelines and the Browns have a roster that can give the rest of the NFC North a run for their money. Hanging in games, the Browns are a spunky team and could hinder a very strong division.. (0-0). Previous: N/Ath. Cleveland Browns. 14. team