Arizona Cardinals: Week 2 Power Rankings

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Houston Texans. 26. team. 10. What a quarterback mess, there’s no other way to put it, some teams have it bad, but the Texans, who have two capable quarterbacks of varying strengths need to find a way to meld them together in some unholy collection of talent to really go far.. (0-1). Previous: 25th

Not pretty on all sides of the ball, miscues on offense, defense and special teams, and the ship be righted going into Week 2? Also, how do you only run AP 10 times?!. (0-1). Previous: 23rd. Minnesota Vikings. 25. team. 60

team. 53. That was ugly after being close for a little while. You have to feel for Josh McCown, the guy just can’t get a break, or keep a job. Maybe the Browns will find some offense this week with Johnny Football, then again, maybe not.. (0-1). Previous: 14th. Cleveland Browns. 24

Sep 13, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) is hit after he throws a pass in the second quarter by Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker Anthony Hitchens (59) at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants. 23. team. 31. The Giants were feeling generous on Sunday night, giving Tony Romo a nice little gift after Dez Bryant was taken out of the game. Dallas had to work to win that game, but the Giants left the door open more than a crack.. (0-1). Previous: 21st

Previous: 26th. St. Louis Rams. 22. team. 51. A great win over a great team has to boost the Rams morale this weekend in the thought they can take on anyone, but they did this last year as well, beating Seattle, and then got into one of the ugliest, most inept games against Arizona one could imagine. The jury is still out on the 2015 Rams, but for this week, a good win gets you a few spots.. (1-0)

21. team. 87. Who knew that the offense would be this, uh, interesting? You’re desperate when Ted Ginn, Jr. is the best you can do, and he drops wide open, no-one-around-for-10-yards passes. You also have to hear your wife, who has Newton as her starting fantasy QB, yell a dozen times Sunday “forget you Cam Newton!” (cleaned up for language). (1-0). Previous: 20th. Carolina Panthers