Arizona Cardinals: Week 4 Power Rankings

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Previous: 20th. New Orleans Saints. 27. team. 15. The Saints, also starting a McCown, are beginning to look more and more like the Aints of old. Maybe Drew Brees should take his time and get healthy, he won’t be of much help to this team.. (0-3)

26. team. 54. The Eagles got a win to avoid being escorted out of town by Philly fans (and maybe the Pope). It wasn’t pretty and it was without prized offseason addition DeMarco Murray who did nothing, but a win is a win and they’re tied for second place, but two games behind Dallas with a tiebreaker.[/power_ranking [caption id=. (1-2). Previous: 26th. Philadelphia Eagles

24. team. 53. The Browns are in a QB conundrum again. Josh McCown returns to the line-up, has them in a position to win, and promptly nukes those possibilities. Is Johnny Football the answer? Even if he isn’t, is McCown?. (1-2). Previous: 23rd. Cleveland Browns

42. The 49ers were embarrased by the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale, for all the years the two teams have been down in the trentches together, this was the first time it was an all out blowout. A lot of work to do in San Fran.. (1-2). Previous: 19th. San Francisco 49ers. 23. team