Arizona Cardinals: Week 5 Power Rankings

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Big changes as we move to the quarter point in the season, big questions still remain

The season starts off its second quarter with some interesting questions for a lot of teams. Who they really are after three-four games will set the identity going forward. Some teams have started to run away from the competition, but others are right in the thick of it. This is the point where, even if you only have one win, you aren’t necessarily out of it should you get hot, or a leading team experience an injury.

From the first quarter of the season we’ve seen two things, big injuries and lots of penalties. Starting QBs are out, starting stars are out, others miss a game or two. It’s a physical sport, but moreso this year as teams do what they can to be their very best.

Lots and movers and shakers this week, and a new top team for the first time this season (and a new bottom team too), and it’s not the Bears!

team. 10. The QB situation gets worse and worse. A week after winning a must win game to stay in the division conversation, the Texans use both QBs and get absolutely demolished on defense with Devonta Freeman running all over the field (again).. (1-3). Previous: 28th. Houston Texans. 32

(1-3). Previous: 30th. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 31. team. 48. Bad weather could have contributed to some of the turnovers and mistakes, but those are the games you would like to win. Cam Newton got the better of the Bucs and with both Atlanta and Carolina running undefeated, the Bucs may just be playing for pride.

52. The Jags couldn’t take down an average Colts team minus their above average QB with Andrew Luck out. They gave it the good fight, but that’s a game you need to win. Blake Bortles may never be the answer.. (1-3). Previous: 29th. Jacksonville Jaguars. 29. team

57. They stayed with a Raiders team that many of us have had a change of heart on after the first few weeks of the season. The season doesn’t look so over now, but the fire sale may continue with another loss or two in a row.. (1-3). Previous: 32nd. Chicago Bears. 28. team