Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings – Week 10

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An undefeated falls, and the Pack lose two in a row, a big shake up at the top!

Everyone has eight games under their belts as we continue through the last weeks of the bye and now it is time to put your best face forward as you enter the stretch of the season and make that push for the playoffs. Yes, playoffs, its not too early to start talking about them as nearly half the league sits in contention at this point.

The Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks, in what will be talked about all week in respected circles for both teams, are going to feed into the hype machine in the NFC West on national TV on Sunday Night this week. Both teams had a bye, but did both teams rise in our rankings after being idle and seeing several teams ahead of them falter or fall?

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50. A bye couldn’t have come at a better time for this team, a way to readjust to all the changes that are happening in the organization from the front office, to the coaches, to the field. With the season clearly lost, it may just be about respect going into the second half, or a race to the bottom for a high pick.. (1-7). Previous: 32nd. Detroit Lions. 32. team

team. 35. Marcus Mariota returns from injury and shows flashes for interim coach Mike Mularkey in another team full of mid-season change and trying to find their identity. A very weak division still has them in the race, but there will need to be changes in more than the head coach.. (2-6). Previous: 31st. Tennesee Titans. 31

42. Blaine Gabbert enters and a win follows against the previously dominating Atlanta Falcons who have stalled out in recent weeks, so we shouldn’t anoint the savior of the 49ers just yet. Still, Gabbert did score a touchdown, something the team had been unable to do in previous weeks with that other guy.. (3-6). Previous: 30th. San Francisco 49ers. 30. team

Previous: 29th. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 29. team. 48. The Bucs lost a tough one to the Giants when they held in there. Jameis Winston continues to impress but show that he’s a rookie. Lovie Smith can turn things around if given the chance, here’s hoping the owners are patient and allow the team the grow under him.. (3-5)

52. The Jags held up against the once impenetrable Jets and made a game of it, is that something to say for the Jags offense or the lack of Jets defense?. (2-6). Previous: 27th. Jacksonville Jaguars. 28. team