Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings Week 14

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team. 42. Too little, too late for anything but a mediocre season instead of a disaster, but Blaine Gabbert may get another shot at a starting role, either in San Francisco or elsewhere after a respectable run with the 49ers.. (4-8). Previous: 29th. San Francisco 49ers. 27

All that hope after the coaching change seems to have evaporated. But, another week without a safety!. (5-7). Previous: 27th. Miami Dolphins. 26. team. 59

25. team. 123. I don’t even know what to believe anymore, a team that at best can finish 8-8 (and won’t) is still in the division race FOUR games under .500 and a game out of first. NFC Least indeed.[/power_ranking [caption id=. (4-8). Previous: 26th. Dallas Cowboys

Previous: 20th. St. Louis Rams. 23. team. 51. The team that beat the Cardinals in Week 4 has disappeared and the house could be cleared and sold with the tenants going elsewhere very shortly.. (4-8)

(4-8). Previous: 25th. Jacksonville Jaguars. 22. team. 52. The Jags can light up some points when they get going, a promising stable of young receivers and a decent quarterback has lots of hope for the future, but for today, the season will sputter out to the end.