Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings – Week 16

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The end is in sight for the Arizona Cardinals and 31 other teams, where do they all rank?

This is a week of not much change at the top, middle and bottom of our rankings as the teams are who we thought they were coming into this week.

The teams that needed to win to stay alive did, the teams that needed to win to clinch something, did, including the Arizona Cardinals taking the NFC West and playing for the second seed, and a bye, next week at home against Green Bay. The Steelers knocked out the Jets for another week, the Bengals stayed in control of the North. The Redskins clawed to stay number one in the East and the playoffs start for them this week on Saturday against Philadelphia.

The Broncos are in freefall now, with Kansas City only a game behind them, the team from Mile High could actually go from a projected 1 seed to out of the playoffs in the course of six weeks if all does not go well for them over the last two weeks of the season.

Some races and divisions are in the hands of spoilers at this point, Arizona can help Minnesota take the NFC North by beating Green Bay this weekend, where teams like Seattle have nothing left to really play for, only pride.

It will be interesting, but let’s start the new week out with where everyone is.