Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings – Week 17

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The Final Edition of our Power Rankings (before the playoffs) sees some major shake-ups, and a new number 1!

What a crazy week in football for many teams who were vying for playoff position. While most of the 12 teams in each conference have been decided, the exact seeding has not. In fact, only the AFC South and NFC East winners have been locked in as fourth seeds in each conference, every other position is up for grabs at this point, including the 1st and 2nd seeds in each.

The Patriots, Steelers and Panthers all lost on Sunday, leaving room for the Broncos, Jets and Arizona Cardinals to all sneak in and take what they wanted from the pantry. Home field is key throughout the playoffs for many teams, but neither 1 seed has been locked up, although the Panthers do have the inside track in the NFC, and it would take a Tampa Bay miracle and an Arizona win over Seattle to move them down.

Elsewhere, turmoil was suffered in Baltimore as the Ravens hung up two wins on the Steelers this season, this is a terrible Ravens team, mind you, and seriously hampered the Steelers final push to stay in the playoffs, with the Jets taking over that spot.

Next week we’ll narrow this all down to just the playoff teams and take a look at the match-ups, so, without further ceremony, the final Power Rankings for 2015.