Arizona Cardinals Draft Profiles: Hunter Henry


Hunter Henry – TE
Arkansas – Junior
6-5, 253 Pounds
51 receptions, 739 yards, 3 touchdown

Not that the Cardinals nessesarily need a tight end, but I like to think of all posibilities for positions. Mentioning the fact that the Cardinals drafted Troy Niklas just three seasons ago, it almost seems unnecessary. I like Hunter Henry though, especially as a great redzone weapon, and almost seems like a mismatch.

Hunter Henry could honestly use some help blocking, an area that seems to lack, and has plenty of potential being only 21. Troy Niklas is still very raw, with very much development Niklas and Henry could be a deadly combo. Henry does have great measurables, does seem like a good, not great, route runner on tape, and finds the soft spot in zone coverage. In games with elite competition like Louisiana State, Alabama, Missouri, and Texas A&M, Hunter Henry would sometimes disappear in good coverage. Can he break out?

It seems very possible that Henry ends up going to a team before the Cardinals, but there are plenty of reasons he could make it to the Cardinals. He seems like the only possible tight end who has potential first round ability (other then Austin Hooper of Stanford), but his blocking ability could keep him out of the first round. With the sudden free agency that could lose two (or three) tight ends this year, maybe the Cardinals would be realistic in taking a solid piece like Henry.

Comparisons for Hunter Henry seem scarce, mainly because of the hybrid type of athlete he is, being able to line up in a slot receiver rotation. The Cardinals already slide J.J. Nelson, John Brown, and Larry Fitzgerald out on the slot, but with a bigger body out in the slot, maybe this reduces the wear-and-tear on Larry Fitzgerald, and prolongs his career. I see a big resemblance of Larry Donnell of the Giants, as he is a big target who isn’t especially fast, but get’s enough separation at the line of scrimmage.