Arizona Cardinals in a Defensive Draft

mandatory credit: Fred Kaufman
mandatory credit: Fred Kaufman /
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We all went Woo, with excitement and an ecstatic feeling that ran through the Cardinals veins. From the beginning of the NFL Draft, we all played the hypothetical game, “The Cardinals could get a quarterback, maybe Paxton Lynch” or “Well, holy cow, Myles Jack is falling, we have to get him”, but at the end of the first round it was what I thought all along.

Remember fans, the process is what a lot of us have to depend on. I know, the highly profiled players are always going to be the big ticket, but remember, Steve Keim is absolutely brilliant at finding the perfect fit. At one time, I was yelling, almost screaming at the screen “Don’t pass on Myles Jack”, but in the back of my mind, I knew, “Arizona will pick who they see fit”.

So Without further ado, Here is some observations about the picks the Cardinals have made…

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