Calais Campbell represents Arizona Cardinals on Internet show


The Arizona Cardinals’ star defensive end displayed his vibrant personality on a new sports comedy series on the Internet

When observing the Arizona Cardinals’ Calais Campbell, one thing that certainly comes across is how personable he is. Always a good interview, with a smile that could light up any locker room. A jolly giant if you will.

All of that is on display during his appearance on a new sports comedy series called “Here’s the Rub “. It’s a brilliant new show starring the extremely funny comedian, Andrew Santino. Santino is hilarious as the character “Nikolai Popov “, a Russian immigrant who’s dream is to become famous in America.

While in character, Santino interviews the obviously entertained Campbell on a variety of subjects. It’s not your typical sports interview to say the least. Questions even sometimes venture to the racy side, cracking Campbell up on quite a few occasions.

Some of the highlights include Campbell revealing that he was already 6’8”, 200 pounds at just 16 years of age! The interviewer at one point cannot help but comment on the deepness of the defensive star’s voice. “Nikolai” believes that the voice is two octaves deeper than Shaquille O’Neal’s, the former NBA star.

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At one point during the interview, Campbell shows his singing “chops”. That alone is worth tuning in for.

There’s also a segment which gives an inside to Campbell’s training regimen, and takes place in a boxing gym. While hitting the heavy bag, the interviewer instructs his interviewee that he’s doing well. All the while, “Nikolai” is off to the side being massaged by a female!

It’s a funny, fresh show that is definitely highlighted by the fun-loving Campbell. He gets the jokes, of which there are many. You can’t help but come away liking the guy, and it’s a must-see for Cards fans.

The episode is now airing on Go90. Go90 is a millennial focused, free mobile service by Verizon.