Five Quarterback Options for the Cardinals in 2017

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Mike Glennon brings some starting experience, and potential.

If the Cardinals decide to go with a younger option at quarterback, one option would be Mike Glennon. The former third-round selection is a free agent after this season, and could be highly sought after in the coming off-season.

Glennon built a name for himself in his rookie season. He started 13 games, and though the team went just 4-9, he performed well. His 2,608 yards and 19 touchdowns, to just 9 interceptions, earned him some good press, and a designation as the quarterback of the future. In his second season, he was mostly relegated to the bench and then once the Buccaneers drafted Jameis Winston, Glennon was permanently out of a job. In his time as a starter, he made a lot of good plays, and showed he can be a solid player. He has good size and a good, though not great arm, but many experts think he could become a terrific player.

One concern with Glennon is that he basically hasn’t had any significant playing time since his rookie year. Putting the franchise in his hands would certainly be a risky proposition. He doesn’t have the arm that Palmer has, and could struggle on down-the-field throws that the Cardinals offense places a priority on. There would also be a question of changing the basic offensive structure to suit a less experienced passer.

Glennon, if he plays well, would bring some much-needed long-term stability to the position for the Cardinals. He also has the general traits to succeed, but he’ll have more than one option once free agency begins.